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Опубликовал admin, 14-12-2016, 19:59

Iraq's Caucasus national minorities demand formal recognitionThree Iraqi Caucasus national minorities are uniting to seek recognition under the Iraqi Constitution. The Circassians, Chechens and Dagestanis want to unify their communities under one national name, «Caucasus», much like the Christians of Iraq did when they formed the Chaldean Syriac Assyrian Popular Council political party in 2007. The national minorities seek formal recognition in the constitution to guarantee equal rights and legal protection from violence against minorities.
Опубликовал admin, 2-09-2016, 15:05

Which appeared first in the Northwest Caucasus, the "hezir" or gunpowder?We received an enquiry as to when the "hezir" was first sewn on Circassian costumes [the characteristic cherkesska, or top part of costume, was distinctively adorned by a row of 12 to 20 capped cartridge cases [«хьэзыр» ("hezir")], in Circassian; «газырь» [plural: «газыри»], in Russian), made of nielloed silver or wood, with iron, ivory, stag-horn, walrus tusk, or silver caps, inserted into flaps sewn on each side of the chest]. Because the hezir is readily identified as a gunpowder store...
Опубликовал admin, 21-07-2016, 16:20

Reviving the Legendary Kabardian (Circassian) Horse in Kabardino-BalkariaA stud farm in Kabarda is working determinedly to revive the legendary Kabardian (Circassian) breed of horse that has existed for thousands of years. The Kabardian horse has always been known for its endurance and toughness. The current market value of a thoroughbred Kabardian stallion is in the tens of thousands of dollars. For a long time, specialized stud farms in Circassia had been on the verge of ruin. However, the situation has changed completely in recent years.
Опубликовал admin, 10-05-2016, 18:32

Circassian Activism Appears to Be Thorn in Russia’s Side, Despite Its ModerationYana Amelina, a well-known Russian journalist in the Caucasus who heads the Caucasian Geopolitical Club, unexpectedly lashed out at Circassian activists for their attempts to «revive» the Circassian question. According to Amelina, the Circassian question was already «over» at the time of the 2014 Sochi Olympics, but recently, some in the United Kingdom, Georgia, and Turkey have tried to revitalize the Circassian movement. The expert scorned Circassian Flag Day, which Circassians...
Опубликовал admin, 8-05-2016, 23:34

«Patriots of Cirassia» to file International Human Right organizations for Adnan KhuadePatriots of Circassia has filed applications to main International Human Rights Organizations relating unlawful suppressing against Adnan Khuade by Russia. Patriots of Circassia has filed applications to main International Human Rights Organizations; Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, Human Right Foundation and FIDH (Worldwide Movement for Human Rights), relating unlawful suppressing against Adnan Khuade by Russia. The text is given in below.
Опубликовал admin, 24-09-2015, 21:44

The Circassian association in Munich supports repatriants from Syrian in AdygeaThe Circassian association in Munich is announcing of a charitable gala in the Republic of Adyghe celebrating Eid all Adha which is celebrated by all the Muslims in all over the world and considered to be one of the most important occasions in the Islamic world. This time of the year – namely – the Hajj season has a great significance and spiritual rituals just as Ramadan in which people have a great opportunity to show their good intentions and compassion especially in today's world.
Опубликовал admin, 22-06-2015, 23:55

Challenging Moscow, Circassians Seek to Overcome Alphabet DivideThe Soviet regime’s divide and rule approach to the Circassian nation not only left them divided among four subjects of the Russian Federation but also gave them different alphabets, an effort to keep the 500,000 Circassians of the North Caucasus from coming together and joining hands with the more than five million co-ethnics in the Middle East. The post-Soviet Russian government has made it clear that it will block any effort to unite the Circassian territories into a common homeland...
Опубликовал admin, 17-06-2015, 00:46

Shapsugs Increasingly Important Players in Circassian Struggle With MoscowMost analysts concerned with the Circassian issue in the North Caucasus have focused on the three republics where subgroups of that nation are the titular nationalities – Adygea, Karachaevo-Cherkessia and Kabardino-Balkaria – or on the enormous diasporas in Turkey, Jordan and elsewhere. But another player has emerged in the Caucasian struggle with Moscow for recognition of the tragic events of 1864 as genocide, the reunification of a common Circassian homeland and, ultimately, independence.
Опубликовал admin, 5-06-2015, 18:56

Members of the Riigikogu met with the representatives of the Circassian communityThe members of the Riigikogu (Parliament of Estonia) met with the representatives of the Jordanian, Turkish and US communities of the Circassian diaspora. The meeting focused on the fate of the Circassian people through history. Chairman of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the Riigikogu Hannes Hanso said that the fate of the Circassians is a historical issue that by today has acquired a clearly international character. In Hanso’s opinion, the Circassians support the European values.
Опубликовал administrator, 11-05-2015, 18:32

New filing with Estonia to recognize the Circassian genocideIn 18th and 19th centuries, genocide against the Circassian (Adygean) people had taken place where significant majority of Circassians were exterminated by the Russian Empire to take over our country, the Circassian (Adygean) homeland. The ones who survived were forced to leave their homeland and were deported and exiled as a whole, and as the Russian Empire planned, hundreds of thousands of people died during the exile process.